Wednesday, April 10, 2013

State police say they need more funding for concealed carry

By Meredith Colias 

The state police say they will need additional money and staff to oversee a new concealed carry law in Illinois.

In December, the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals invalidated an Illinois law banning residents from carrying concealed guns. The law was the only one in the nation. The court gave the state 180 days to pass new legislation. In addition to their other duties, the state police approve Firearm Owner Identification [FOID] applications for prospective gun owners. Under legislation currently being considered, the state police would also issue concealed carry permits. Under the proposals, applicants would pay fees for their permits, creating a funding source for administering the program.

Hiram Grau, director of the Illinois State Police, estimates his agency will need at least 60 staff members and a minimal $25 million in additional funding to devote to administering a concealed carry system in the state. “While our numbers and personnel are dwindling, our responsibilities are growing,” Grau said during an Illinois House hearing today.

Rep. John Cavaletto, a Salem Republican, said he wanted to help the state police as much as possible, but money is tight under the current budget situation. “When you're dealing with X amount of dollars, X amount of dollars is all you've got,” he said.

The Illinois State Police is asking for nearly $383.6 million for Fiscal Year 2014 operations. The number is down slightly from the $383.8 million the state police estimates it will spend in FY 2013. Grau said he planned on instituting three new cadet classes. He estimates seven to nine cadets from a class of more than 40 would be used to police some high crime areas in cities such as Chicago and East St. Louis.


Anonymous said...

What happens when the six months expires and there is no new legislation? Does the overturned law get re-instated? Or does legal CC become the law of the land for Illinois? Surely it can't be something as simple as waiting out the expected legislative logjam?

Anonymous said...

The ISP might want to look at what they're wasting--Starcom,executive security costs millions,motorcycles that look neat,but are dangerous and the troop still has a squad,and much more'.'

Anonymous said...

On June 9th, if NOTHING is passed, then you can carry with just an FOID card.

Anonymous said...

On March 7 2012, ISP was looking at laying off communications personnel, in reference to Gov. Quins budget plan.

On April 10 2103, the ISP says they need $383.6 million and then are required to pick up on CCW licenses?

Something wrong with this picture. There are programs in place, so why re-invent the wheel? All they are doing is dragging out the inevitable, and cost those their election.