Friday, October 02, 2009

October issue: Jerry Stermer, "Voice for the man"

Get a glimpse of who helps shape Gov. Pat Quinn's agenda and style in the October edition of Illinois Issues magazine. Maureen McKinney profiles Jerry Stermer in the "Voice for the man."

Read the third and final installment of a three-part series on the plight of nonprofits in Illinois. Crystal Yednak writes, "Joining forces: To prepare for an uncertain future, nonprofits collaborate rather than compete."

And if you want to read about the anticipated effects of this year's state budget banking on delaying payments to certain Medicaid providers, read my feature, "Pay delay."

As always, our columnist Charlie Wheeler gives valuable context and analysis about what legislators and the governor have done by booting the tough choices into next year.

I also provide analysis about how "small budget cuts hit home in a big way." Case in point: grant-funded programs for people with disabilities and college students are in limbo.

And executive editor Dana Heupel gives the national context to Illinois' budget woes in his monthly column.

Our print readers also can read two guest essays: the first by Brent Never, who adds to the picture of how nonprofits are at the mercy of the state; the second by Jack Van Der Slik, who analyzes why politicians shrink from raising taxes as long as they can. Also available in print-only are more articles about campaign finance, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, a lawsuit over Chicago's parking meters, the closure of Howe Developmental Center, the attack of the waterhemp weed and other Illinois issues.

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