Monday, May 18, 2009

Semitrailer speed limit could increase

by Jamey Dunn

Semitrailers may soon be able to travel as fast as passenger vehicles on certain stretches of interstate in Illinois.

A bill that would increase the speed limit for tractor-trailers on rural interstates
to 65 miles per hour advanced through the Senate this morning. The measure already passed through the House, and now it goes to Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk.

Similar bills have passed three times in previous sessions, only to be vetoed by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Libby White, a spokesperson for Quinn, said that he is reviewing the bill. Rushville Democrat Sen. John Sullivan, the bill’s sponsor, said that he has not talked to Quinn, but he has been communicating with Quinn’s staff. He said he has the impression that Quinn “doesn’t have as much objections to it as the previous governor.”

Sullivan said that this bill is a little different than previous versions because it names the counties that would be exempt from the increase. He said he thinks that this provision could help remove some opposition and that he is optimistic the proposal will become law this time around. “I feel better about it,” he said.

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