Monday, May 15, 2006

Pick your poison

Chicago politicians have had a tough week battling public perception, and it’s only Monday.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s main re-election platform made the spotlight again when the Sun-Times reported the state’s new All Kids health insurance program awarded a major contract to McKesson Health Solutions. The company is reportedly represented by a Chicago lobbying firm, Advanced Practical Solutions, led by Blagojevich’s top political fund-raiser, Milan Petrovic.

The Associated Press updated readers about the state’s lapse in more than 200 leases, something Illinois Issues wrote about in November 2005. The news is not just that the state is wasting millions of dollars while it decides which contracts to renew, but AP’s analysis also says Central Management Services has renewed more leases with landlords who have contributed to Democratic candidates than with landlords who have contributed to Republican candidates. CMS denies any political favoritism.

Monday also marked the first day of the corruption trial of Chicago City Council’s hiring practices, which prosecutors allege have benefited Mayor Richard Daley’s political operations, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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